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​Promises of healing within the framework of the Medicines Advertising Act

Due to the alternative medical therapy presented on this website, we hereby disclaim due to the Medicines Advertising Act (HWG) and the Act Against Unfair Competition (UWG).

due to the following circumstance:

The omnitron-pro product presented here is a wellness therapy device. omnitron-pro is not a medical product within the meaning of the Medical Devices Act.

It is not a therapeutic procedure recognized by conventional medicine, but rather complementary medicine. rpms therapy (repetitive peripheral magnetic stimulation) should not be confused with magnetic resonance imaging, which is a purely diagnostic procedure from conventional medicine.

The use of rpms therapy is not a generally recognized method in the sense of being recognized by conventional medicine. The mechanisms of action and success of rpms therapy cannot be proven beyond doubt in accordance with the law. All statements made about the properties and effects as well as indications of the therapy products and applications presented are based on the findings and experiences of the manufacturer and the users, who are also specialists (doctors, therapists). In principle, the information on this homepage should not give the impression that a promise of healing is being made by using the product omnitron-pro or using rpms therapy. Nor can it be inferred from the statements that alleviation or improvement of a medical condition is guaranteed or promised.

The contents of this website do not constitute a contractual offer or binding information or advice and cannot replace personal advice, an examination or diagnosis by a therapist or doctor.

As a precautionary measure, we would also like to point out that the information we provide on the website cannot be used to identify and treat illnesses or illnesses yourself (self-diagnosis). The information provided does not replace a doctor's diagnosis, and do not use the information as a basis for health-related decisions. This website serves to provide general information about rpms therapy and the omnitron-pro product, and in no way to provide advice on individual concerns. If you have any health problems, please consult your trusted doctor or health professional. Only an individual examination can lead to a diagnosis and treatment decision.

All information has been carefully researched and compiled. However, errors, outdated or incomplete information cannot be ruled out, which in individual cases can pose a health risk if incorrectly understood.

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