High energy cell treatment for the health of your horse

omnitron-pro is a therapy system that generates high-energy pulses in nano-seconds and induces it to the affected area by means of a treatment loop. In this way, the body’s self-healing powers are increased many times over.


omnitron-pro is committed to uncompromising innovation.
High-end technology creates unique therapy options and maximum comfort.
At the same time, the design sets new standards in a consistently modern treatment environment.


15.000 volts
4.000 amps

Easy to dispense, high-frequency current wire.


safe handling with
9x insulated treatment loop
and < 20 cm depth
of penetration


multi touch screen
with 1280x800 resolution
and programmed
user software


superlight aluminium
GFP housing
with 2 handy
transport handles

omnitron-pro works with a patent protected technology, is EMV aswell CE tested and certyfied.

healthfactories grants for omnitron-pro a



Calcific tendonitis, osteoarthritis, rotator cuff tear, shoulder impingement


Tennis/golfer’s elbow, bursitis


Rheumatic arthritis, tenosynovitis, finger joint osteoarthritis

  • KNEE

Ligament injuries, runner’s knee, patellar tendonitis, osteoarthritis


Tension, pulled muscles, spondylosis

  • HIP

Osteoarthritis, healing around implants


Pulled muscles, skin inflammation


Achillodynia, heel spurs, ligament injuries, fasciitis

omnitron-pro works on the cellular level and has a direct, positive effect on the body’s gene expression – for example, if an accident causes an open wound or a fracture, gene expression makes sure that the wound closes and the fracture heals again as quickly as possible.


Signals are emitted from the affected area and processed in the brain, and then the associated genes are activated in the cells.

When the genes are activated, proteins are produced, which then heals the wound.

After only one treatment with omnitron-pro, the production of these proteins is increased enormously, and this accelerates the healing process.

Research & further development

The findings of a comprehensive study conducted jointly with Professor Andreas Traweger
from the Institute of Tendon and Bone Regeneration at Paracelsus Medical University (PMU)
in Salzburg (Austria) scientifically validate the effects of using HECT.
Based on this results and a controlled clinical study will our product omnitron-promed, 
be licened by 2020 as a medical product of the class IIA.

For more information about the technology and the research
findings, please visit our company website.









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Frequently asked questions about omnitron-pro and how to use omnitron-pro


HECT (High Energy Cell Treatment) has no negative effects on your body. Your therapist will inform you about any contraindications.

According to WHO, field strengths of up to 2 teslas are absolutely harmless for living beings. The flux density of HECT is between 20 and 84 mT. So it's much lower. Moreover, we have been able to demonstrate that it is harmless to living organisms within the scope of our study.

While a small percentage of people treated have reported fatigue or initial worsening. Due to sporting activities tired people appear much “fresher” and regenerate faster after HECT application. To date, an initial worsening in pain patients has not been observed.

No, because we do not accept liability for complications arising during pregnancy.

Absolutely. Our therapists know which therapy intervals are best suited for different conditions.

Premature strain caused by physical exercise – contrary to the advice of our therapists – can lead to relapse. Absence of pain, after tendon injuries for example, does not automatically mean that the defect has healed completely. This must always be clarified with the therapist. A controlled strain during rehabilitation is crucial.

The duration and frequency of treatment is determined depending on the indication and in consultation with a therapist and is billed by the minute.

We as a company are committed to guaranteeing maximum safety and effectiveness for users and patients. For this reason, our technology is patented and scientifically proven. All our products are TÜV-tested.


-> uses no pacemaker or any other delicate implants !
-> is not pregnant !
-> does not have epilepsy !



In the case of muscle tension, a noticeable improvement is usually visible even after the first application.
With illnesses and injuries of the musculoskeletal system (tendon injuries, inflammations, wound healing disorders), our study was able to demonstrate an acceleration of the healing process. The body's own protein production is thereby enhanced and manipulated in such a way that, for example, the formation of scar tissue can be prevented, thus significantly reducing the recurrence rate.

This depends on the symptoms, the severity (acute or chronic) and the constitution of the patient. Our veterinarians and users have extensive experience, so they can provide reliable information in individual cases.

HECT treatments are the doping-free alternative – making them particularly suitable for use in tournaments (regeneration between competitions, warm-up before competitions, etc.) Especially for tournaments, omnitron-pro is also available with a powerful external battery, so that treatment can be carried out in any location even when no power supply is available.


Internationally successful competition riders have had excellent results with it. Especially after intensive training sessions and during the tournament season, preventive treatment of known weak points, tendons and ligaments is recommended. Micro-injuries, for example, can be healed immediately to prevent the damage from spreading.

That's entirely up to you. We believe that omnitron-pro can significantly increase the quality of life of senior horses, who are plagued by many “minor complaints” in their later years.

Please see herefore the list of contraindications.


No special training is required. If purchased, an intensive course of instruction is obligatory and is confirmed with a certificate.

However, we attach great importance to ensuring that only those groups of people offer HECT treatments on a commercial basis who have relevant experience in therapy with horses and are trained accordingly. For this reason, we offer training and further education opportunities within the framework of our academy.

In contrast to shock wave therapy, omnitron-pro does not generate a sound pressure wave, but a highly energetic electromagnetic impulse field. Unlike shock waves, the treatment is painless. No sedation required.

Compared to classical magnetic field therapy devices, equitron-pro induces a strong pulsed magnetic field that penetrates over 30 cm deep, thus modulating and positively influencing gene expression. To date, this has not been demonstrated with other magnetic field therapies.

Laser stands for “Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation”.  To achieve this light amplification, light beams are bundled in a laser, thus increasing their energy. The laser penetrates the skin and tissue layers and, similar to acupuncture, stimulates specific points of the body. A positive effect is meant to be achieved by releasing energy to the connective tissue, which in turn is supposed to have a stimulating effect on tissues, especially in “centres of interference”. The laser light is said to stimulate blood circulation, support the reduction of swelling, have an antibacterial effect, strengthen cell membranes and relieve pain. In addition, irradiation with bundled light is meant to activate the metabolic process in the cells, with the tissue responding and the cell wall structures undergoing positive changes. There is hardly any scientific evidence of this treatment's effectiveness.

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) is an electromedical therapy method used mainly for the treatment of pain and for muscle stimulation. In this procedure, surface electrodes are used to stimulate areas of skin electrically, with the aim of inhibiting pain perception. It also stimulates the formation of endorphins. These are endogenous substances which contribute to the reduction of pain. Since the success of the therapy varies from patient to patient, the electrical stimulation parameters and the optimal electrode positions must be tested individually for each patient before the procedure is classified as ineffective. The best results can be expected in cases of acute and subacute pain. For chronic pain, the treatment's effectiveness is often good in the beginning, but often subsides after a few weeks.  In the best case, painkillers can be reduced or even discontinued completely.

The abbreviation “EMS” stands for Electrical Muscle Stimulation. In this process, exposure to low-frequency current pulses causes the striated skeletal muscles to contract in a controlled manner. Whereas in conventional training the muscles are controlled by electrical signals to the central nervous system, in EMS training the muscles respond to the electrical impulses of the externally applied electrodes. Essentially, the muscle cannot distinguish whether the stimulus comes from the brain or from outside, so it reacts by contracting. In EMS training therapy, combinations of static and dynamic functional exercises are performed. In doing so, the patient wears a functional vest with electrodes. Bioelectric impulses flow through these electrodes, activating and exercising all the muscle groups in the body simultaneously. In EMS training therapy, all muscle groups are trained synchronously. EMS training therapy treats about 90% of our body's muscles.

In close cooperation with the Paracelsus Medical University of Salzburg, we were able to publish an in-vitro study of 3D tendon constructs in the renowned journal "Cells" in April 2019. Thus, the effect of HECT has been scientifically proven.

Click here for the publication: